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Jeremy Norton







I design and construct premium quality bespoke furniture in my West Dorset workshop. From unique kitchens, feature staircases and shelving to tables, sideboards and chests of drawers. All perfectly tailored to your individual style and needs.


Traditional Skills

Whatever I’m making, the aim is always to create beautiful furniture that will last. Most of my work is from an established client-base in London and Dorset.

Unique Furniture

I’m inspired by the clean lines, elegant proportions and emphasis on craftsmanship of the Arts & Crafts and Shaker movements.  I offer a modern take on these appealing designs.

Exquisite Materials

Attention to detail is essential in cabinetmaking, as is a fully equipped workshop able to transform beautiful hardwoods into high quality unique furniture.

True to Tradition

A fully equipped workshop is a modern essential but I also aim to incorporate traditional skills and methods into all of my pieces. Furniture is my passion, I love what I do, sometimes handcrafting is the only way to combine the contemporary with the timeless.


Perfect hand cut dovetails, the fine detail of the Hawkmoth maker’s mark – in every detail I look to bring the eye of a craftsman to my pieces. Bringing all of my experience to a client’s brief allows us to work together to deliver something truly exceptional.

The Best Materials

The foundation of every piece of furniture is the timber it is made from. I take the time to carefully select the very best materials for every job. From British hardwoods to modern composites, my goal is always to choose the very best. Even before the very first cut, my work is already beyond the norm.

My Work

I tackle a broad range of projects, here is just a taste.

Wall Unit

Wall Unit

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